Our thought are incredibly powerful — and can impact the way you experience the world.

Although our internal world isn’t something we can physically grasp, the thoughts and beliefs we hold do have real effects in our everyday lives.

Our brains are hardwired to detect danger, and so it can seem inevitable when we assume the worst. Although our minds are trying to protect and caution us, negative thoughts can instead harm us.

But how can we train ourselves to think differently?

In this video, Zenward host Cecilia Sardeo explains how she personally learned to see the good in others and expect the best — and how these beliefs made a difference in what she received in her life.

Many of the negative things we believe to be true about the world are often simply just in our heads — which, ironically, can be a very empowering thought.

After all, if we’re the only thing standing in our own way, we have the power to exact real change.

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • How not to take things personally
  • Why holding onto happy thoughts is a practice anyone can cultivate
  • How negative thoughts can be easily replaced by loving ones

If you’ve ever found yourself cursing yourself — or others — for a seemingly infuriating turn of events, this video may just help you to put things back into perspective.

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Have you experienced the power of positive thoughts? How do you turn your negative thoughts around? Share your comments below.