Many people believe that spiritual fulfilment and material fulfilment are at odds with each other — but that’s not the case.

The spiritual lessons we learn can actually help propel us to worldly success.

In this full talk from Extraordinary Summit, founder of The Rao Institute and one of the top MBA professors in the U.S., Srikumar Rao, shares with us the practical messages of the greatest spiritual masters.

Conventional models of success — like hard work or intelligence — often fail us or don’t allow us to progress as quickly as we’d like.

But these spiritual teachings can help you become prosperous.

So why are the traditional methods not as effective?

Srikumar suggests that the only way that we can change our outcomes and behaviors is by radically changing our mental models, or our thought processes.

Watch this talk to learn how to shift your mental model to your achieve your dreams.

Here are some highlights of the video:

  • (8:03) — The one powerful question that can transform your goals and desires.
  • (19:03) — The enlightening explanation on how shifting your thoughts brings prosperity and success.
  • (30:05) — A beautiful story that demonstrates the importance of both the grand vision and the immediate task.
  • (49:54) — The transformative technique that puts you, and those who you interact with, on a better life trajectory.
  • (60:09) — The simple exercise you can do to improve your sleep and become a happier person.

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What spiritual lessons have helped you build a better life? Share them in the comments below.