Who is Gina Devee?

Gina Devee is an internationally acclaimed life and success coach, and motivational speaker who helps women live legendary lives through business, lifestyle mastery, and coaching.

Gina has an exceptional professional background; she’s a certified clinical psychotherapist, she’s worked at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and at the White House and the Supreme Court.

As one of the most renowned life coaches for women today, Gina’s inspired and helped thousands of women learn how to live the “heroine’s journey” – being benevolent and feminine, but also wealthy and powerful.

In this inspiring talk, Gina shares the exact ways to embrace your true power as a woman, how to make a difference and to experience what it really means to “have it all.”

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Here are our favorite quotes from Gina’s video. Which ones resonate with you the most? Leave a comment below!

1. “It’s our responsibility to live our best lives. To experience it all, and to be it all.”

2. “When you get how powerful you are to absolutely claim, declare, decide, own, and not allow anything other than all of your desires in your life to happen, that is the consciousness of the new woman entrepreneur.”

4. “Take success but don’t let it trump your desires. If you decide to be a mother and travel, and make $1 million, start a charity, and be on TV, that doesn’t make you a workaholic. It makes you you, because those desires are there.”

5. “The universe will give you what you demand from it.”

6. “Enjoy a  meaningful career. And enjoy each other and living. You can have it all if you make it non-negotiable.”

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