We’ve come to believe that happiness comes from a higher salary, or more vacation time, or a better love life. All of which IS true. But in reality, massive boosts in happiness don’t just come attaining goals like these. Happiness, mostly, comes from within.

In this video you’ll learn a specific exercise that you can do in just 90 seconds to radically boost your happiness levels today.  It’s got to do with GRATITUDE.

“Gratitude has the strongest link with mental well-being than any other character trait. Gratitude increases spiritualism, makes us self-centered, increases self-esteem, improves your sleep, increases your energy levels.” 

Furthermore, various studies by scientist including Martin Seligman showed that Gratitude seems to impact our lives in powerful ways. People who practice this exercise report:

  • more energy
  • higher emotional intelligence
  • more forgiving attitudes
  • less depression
  • less anxiousness
  • more feelings of being socially connected
  • better sleep
  • fewer headaches

So watch the video to learn my take on this exercise (I added a subtle refinement that has helped me tremendously).

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