“The world behind our eyes is the next frontier.” — Caroline Myss

When you start the journey of self-discovery, you learn how to understand and guide your own patterns of behavior.

This awareness makes you able to recognize the universal roles — or archetypes — of other people. In fact, you’ve probably already named some of these roles.

We use the language of archetypes in our everyday life.

In this video, New York Times Best-Selling author and journalist, Lee Woodruff, talks to fellow New York Times Best-Selling author, Caroline Myss, about her course on SoulvanaThe Language of Archetypes.

Caroline explains that we are born with an inherent ability to identify with certain universal roles. It’s the language of our instincts.

For example, when we say that someone is a “natural mother,” we share an image of a loving, nurturing, protective person. Or when we say that someone is an “athlete,” we see a person who challenges themselves and stays fit.

We’re inherently able to recognize these behavioral patterns… but sometimes we miss it in ourselves.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, why am I repeating the same problematic action?

According to Caroline, it’s because our archetypes act as magnets inside of us, organizing our relationships, our fears, and our desires into a life order.

We allow our archetype to control everything when we don’t understand ourselves, from our smallest habits to our largest problems. But if we choose to make that conscious effort, we learn to direct our own fate.

In this video, Caroline answers:

  • What’s an archetype?
  • How do we acquire them?
  • Why should we understand ours?
  • How do we continue on our self-discovery journey once we know our archetype?

If you want to capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, this course will help you guide your life from a center of self-awareness.

We used to look at the outside world as a frontier to explore. Now, we need to turn inwards if we want to create an abundant life.

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