Lisa Nichols asks really challenging questions in this 5 minute snippet from Awesomeness Fest

As a renowned life coach, best-selling author, and one of the most sought-after transformational speakers whose global platform has reached and served millions, Lisa pushes people’s buttons to get to the source of their fears and release their “champion” to the world.

We are hooked on Lisa’s style here at Mindvalley. Check out more of her video here.

This talk was filmed at Awesomeness Fest, Mindvalley’s transformational event for an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world.
The next Awesomeness Fest has just been announced… and is taking place in 5* paradise in Costa Rica, on October 22–25, 2015.

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Here are our favourite quotes from Lisa’s talk. Leave a comment below and let us know which ones resonate most with you!

1. “Conviction and convenience don’t live on the same block… If you are convicted, you might have to bleed a little, sweat a little, cry a little, stay up a little late. And you recognize that your success doesn’t belong to you. Your success belongs to all the people who are inspired by the contagiousness of it.”

2. “It’s not just who you know that matters. It’s who you know, what you do with who you know, what you’re willing to do when you don’t know anybody, how much you’re willing to work, and how many times you will get back up when you get knocked down.”

3. “You’ve always been on the right track. And everything you’ve done til this day, you had to do. Everything you said till this day, you had to say. Every decision you made whether you liked it or whether it gave you a great experience or great lesson, you needed to make that decision, to get you right here.”

4. “It is not your greatest fear that you’re going to die… It’s your greatest fear that you’re going to die before you let the world see who you really are. Before you set your champion free. Before they know your name. Before they know your name and your rhythm and who you really are.”

5. “Are you willing to be loud and proud about your champion before it’s perfected? Are you willing to set your champion free, even if it means no one understands your champion? Even if it means you gotta stand alone for a little while?”

6. “Some of us are so concerned with being liked,  appreciated, and accepted that we’re trying to bring everyone along with us, but not everyone fits through your door of possibility. You gotta let them go, go through, and then turn around and say, ‘Come All Y’all’… But you gotta go through alone sometimes.”

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