We’re trained to spend a lot of our attention working on our physical bodies…

But are we doing enough to nurture our soul, spirit, and consciousness?

Most people are familiar with the five distinct levels of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

But what you may not know is that there’s a rarely seen sixth level that Maslow described in his later work that sits above Self-Actualization.

Maslow called this final need “Self-Transcendence”  the need to seek a cause beyond the self and to experience a communion beyond the boundaries of the self through peak experience.

self transcendence in maslow's hierarchy of needs

But what tools do we have to unlock Self-Transcendence?

In this introductory video, Vishen reveals an exciting new project we’ve been working on for the last 12 months with one of our community’s favorite Mindvalley authors, Jeffrey Allen.

Similar to the way you would work out in the gym to stay in shape or build some muscle, we’re looking to get you “spiritually fit” so you can open up your awareness of your own potential, humanity’s potential, and the unity of all things.

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