I love a good parable or analogy.

A really good one can blast away the cobwebs of a cluttered mind and deliver a solid punchline that you can turn into a mantra. The kind of mantra that has a more colloquial vibe but delivers 3 key results that can snap you out of your funk.

It makes you chuckle or laugh — this is one of the most powerful tools to stop the rising tide of doom and frustration from taking over.

It has a pavlovian effect — because when you say the mantra, you automatically recall the tale or story behind its meaning – this gets you immediately focused on something other than what is going on at that moment and therefore, gives you the time-out you need.

It brings truth and neutral clarity — even if you don’t want to own it yet, even if you say to yourself “but…”, there is no denying a fact and by being a truth, makes it easier to walk away, let it go or just surrender so much faster.

These three things for me are vital in keeping my sanity when things get rough on the high seas of life.

Which kind of makes me into a bit of a collector for my Library of Tools. When I hear a good one I can’t stop myself from wanting to share it.

Here is my latest addition courtesy of Debbie Ford, and this is the story she told.

drop the rock mantra

Drop the Rock

There was a woman who walked into a lake carrying a large rock in her hand. She waded out past the shallows and began to swim across the lake with this rock. The further out she got the more difficult it was to swim, and as she neared the center of the lake she started to sink from the weight of the stone and exhaustion.

There were people on the shore watching her struggle and they shouted out, “Drop the rock!”

But she wouldn’t listen, she kept trying to swim but soon started to sink more than she could stay above the water. Again, the people called out begging her to “Drop the rock,” and still she did not.

Struggling to the surface, after being under for the longest time, once more did the people shout out “Drop the rock!” But alas she kept a firm hold, and as she disappeared for the very last time, they heard her say this:

“I can’t. It’s mine.”


The Mantra

“Drop the Rock” has become a household mantra for us. It’s useful for so many different situations — from complaining and whining to dealing with anger, from not being able to let go of needing a switch in perspective.

It makes me laugh out loud every time my Little Man calls me on my “rock” and vice-versa. Because in my telling of the tale to myself and to him, the rock is imagined as this huge massive boulder that just looks ridiculous, the person carrying this rock is fashioned as a Gollum-esque version of ourselves. So all in all, it’s too funny to ignore and the funk just lifts.

— Asha Gill

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Asha Gill
Asha Gill is an international television presenter and the host of Soulvana. Having worked in the industry for 20 years, Asha has interviewed the likes of The Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz and Beyonce. Now she is bringing her personal wisdom to her tribe in Soulvana, and her bi-weekly column on the MVA Blog.