“There is good reason for supposing that the archetypes are the unconscious images of the instincts themselves, in other words, that they are patterns of instinctual behaviour.” — Carl Jung

Archetypes are a powerful form of effective communication — and we use them more than we may realize.

For billions of years, humans used symbols to communicate a range of needs, desires, and dangers. Before modern language evolved to its current state, visual symbols were integral to relating to one another and keeping the tribe entact.

As we’ve evolved, however, we’ve lost appreciation for the use of symbols and archetypes: those simple, message-laden concepts that transmit complex information in mere moments.

Think about it: how often do you use symbols in your daily life as informational shortcuts — both giving and receiving?

From navigating the TV with the push of a button, to the way we dress and adorn ourselves, to even the use of emojis  — all of these forms of visual communication speak volumes about ourselves and drive the way we interact with others.

In this 3-minute video, I explain how powerful archetypes, and both our verbal and nonverbal communication, frame our relationships and experiences in the world.

I also deconstruct the idea of an archetype in itself and how we can harness the power of archetypes to improve our relationships with others — and with ourselves.

This video touches on concepts of Soulvana’s latest course, The Language of Archetypes by Caroline Myss. Caroline Myss is the author of five New York Times bestsellers and has helped people the world over to understand energy medicine and human consciousness.

In this course, you will:

  • Discover how to understand yourself and others better — so you can also understand life on a grander scale
  • Break through any barriers that are sabotaging your success
  • Reclaim your power to alter and improve your current reality
  • Obtain the tools to pursue your creative aspirations — even if you’ve always denied them

If you truly believe that we are all inextricably linked, and yet feel detached from those around you, understanding the world of archetypes may help to deepen your awareness of yourself — and help you to build compassion and understanding of those around you.

Check out this short video above to hear my beautiful explanation of this concept, and discover how the archetypes and symbols we use in our everyday lives can be molded into a powerful form of consciousness.

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