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The world needs more friends — and sometimes, all it takes is a little awkwardness.

Good friends are not only fun to be around; they are also powerful sources of influence. Whether we realize it or not, the people we surround ourselves with, eat brunch with, see films with, and grab coffee with all have a subtle impact on our life’s path — for better or worse.

Of course, most of our close friends are those that make us happy, understand us, relate to us, and energize us. But if you’ve found yourself in something of a friendship rut, it may be time to branch out and make a new friend (or two).

Children are the best examples of allowing friendships to occur organically. They naturally make friends: in the playground, at neighbors’ houses, at school. This is because children have no ego; they aren’t afraid to strike up a conversation with their fellow sandpit-dweller, or say something silly to get a laugh.

Forging good friendships as an adult, on the other hand, can be slightly more fear-inducing — even though strong relationships have been shown to be the key to happiness.

But according to Kid President, creating good friendships simply comes down to biting the bullet and embracing the awkwardness.

Let’s face it: it takes courage to make the first move, whether it’s with a love interest or a potential friend. But as with romantic relationships, a moment of awkwardness for a lifelong bond is far worth it.

After all, as Goethe says, “Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

Check out Kid President’s adorable video above, and discover his favorite tips for making friends — whether you’re young or old.

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