“You are the sum of the five people closest to you.” ~ Jim Rohn

Friendships are incredibly powerful — so much so, they can shape our lives.

The people we surround ourselves with undoubtedly influence our behavior, our decisions, and our happiness.

But, we often don’t give friendships the same attention we do to romantic relationships. Instead, friendships are placed into a different basket, deemed less important than our intimate partnerships, and accepted as is.

This begs the question: Why don’t we value friendships as highly as romantic relationships? 

Growing up, I’ve realized I had to break some outdated brules about friendships I held onto. I believed that I had to stick with the same friends, no matter what — even if your life paths begin to diverge.

Instead, I realized that it was important for my friends to continuously grow with me. I can “up-level” my circle of influence so that I’m are surrounded by inspirational, exciting, and positive people.

The second brule that I personally had to debunk was that work colleagues couldn’t also become friends. Instead, I crafted the incredible workplace culture of Mindvalley; one which attracts people from all over the world, and where friendship is part of everyday life in the office.

Once I had defined what was and wasn’t important to me, I began to create and attract extraordinary friendships — and you can, too.

In this short video, I expand on the importance of friendship and introduce a simple yet powerful exercise to help you identify your vision of an ideal friendship — and how to let go of friendships that no longer align with you.

Traditional goal-setting is dangerous. Extraordinary By Design unveils a fundamentally new way to think about your life and your goals.

When you look at your goals as tools to get the experiences that make you happy, grow rapidly, and contribute to the world — you can then break your life down into 12 distinct areas.

These 12 areas are so interconnected that when one is lacking, it will pull down the others. But when you elevate one, it with elevate your entire life.

This is how you become Extraordinary By Design.

Extraordinary By Design

What’s your vision for your friendships? How did Vishen’s video resonate with you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.