What we say to ourselves has a powerful impact.

Our thoughts allow us to build our skill sets, see more possibilities in life, boost our health, and improve our performance.

Or our thoughts can contribute to anxiety and depression, deplete our energy resources, and worsen our immune system and decision-making skills.

So how can we make sure that our internal voice helps us live an extraordinary life and doesn’t interfere with our goals?

Psychologists call this internal voice of ours “self-talk.” Self-talk is the driver of our brain, helping us when it’s positive and goal-oriented.

But when our self-talk is negative and fear-based — like when we criticize ourselves over our past decisions or worry about how we’re received at a party — our thoughts work against us.

Unfortunately, a majority of us use incredibly negative self-talk, which also means that most of our thoughts work against us rather than for us. And this negative self-talk starts at a very young age.

So how can we tackle this problem?

The fathers in this video from The Scene show exactly how we can consciously feed ourselves the positive self-talk we need.

Watch this video to hear the powerful affirmations fathers say to their daughters, and see the beautiful reactions.

You might want to borrow some of these for your own life.

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