I wanted to share something that created a lot of inspiration and a lot of controversy recently.

My friend, filmmaker Mikki Willis, posted this video on YouTube in August 2015.

3 months later, the video has been tweeted by the likes of Ellen Degeneres and has gone completely viral with over 20 million views (and counting) across the web.

And it’s not so surprising since the video does touch on a pretty “hot topic” — how we help kids understand gender.

After allowing his son, Azai, pick any toy he wanted from the store, he returned with something many would consider to be a “girl toy”…

A mermaid doll. What should a Dad do when a 4-year old boy picks out a doll as his toy of choice?

Watch the video to see what happens next.

Ok, now that you’ve watched the video, check out the reaction one other Dad had.

Below is both fathers, Mikki and Joshua, on the set of TV talk show, The Doctors, in a very enlightening debate (Joshua’s video response is included in Part 1 of the debate).

And here’s part 2:

So what are you thoughts about Mikki and his stance on allowing his son to choose a doll as a present?

Did Joshua, despite the controversy surrounding his video response, have a valid point?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.