Our minds are powerful, infinite beings that can morph our reality into either the diminished — or the Divine.

The thoughts that float around in our mind on an everyday basis can either empower us or can diminish and limit us… and we have the power to decide which route to take.

Moving below the shallow space of our thoughts and tuning into the deep space of our souls is crucial to truly connect with our inner being, and allows us to contemplate the vastness of life and our purpose in this world.

And while it can be scary, contemplating our insignificance every once in a while can help us to zoom back in with a different perspective — and is the key to living a connected and meaningful life.

We all have been hypnotized by the social convention to believe that we exist only inside our skin, separate and disconnected from the world around us. The truth is we are the eternal Universe, not the parts of it, not inside of it.

In this video, as host of Soulvana, I share the concept of awakening through dehypnotization.

This concept comes from Soulvana’s courseOut Of Your Mind, by the world-renowned Zen philosopher and self-described spiritual entertainer, Alan Watts, who is responsible for bringing spiritual and philosophical delights of Asia and India to the Western world.

As Alan Watts himself said, “You have to lose your mind as many times as possible, each day, in order to retain your sanity.”

This course consists of 12 great teaching sessions covering six complete seminars on how to break through the limitations of our logical mind and begin expanding our awareness and noticing the Web Of Life unfolding around us.

In this course, you will discover:

► How to recognize the illusion of being a poor little me – skin-encapsulated ego separate from everything and how to break through this socially constructed belief.

►The importance of letting go of control and what happens when you stop taking your life too seriously.

► How to embrace chaos to find the true meaning of your life.

Are you seeking an alternative approach to your spirituality and wellbeing, in order to lead a life of deeper self-love, purpose, and meaning? 

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