Have you ever felt frustrated because you fell asleep during meditation?

You’re not alone.

Many of us think we’re “failing” at meditation when we can’t keep our mind clear, or when we catch ourselves falling asleep.

Self-criticism and doubt is one of the biggest challenges people face when learning and deepening their meditation practice.

Even experienced meditator Vishen Lakhiani was at first embarrassed when he came back to full awareness in this candid moment with Emily Fletcher.

But Emily, the founder of Ziva Meditation, shares in this video that this “problem” isn’t really a problem…

Because you’re not actually falling asleep.

Instead, you’re most likely going so deep into your meditation that you’re experiencing something amazing — you’re transcending.

You’re going beyond the ordinary limits of waking consciousness, similar to when you’re in sleep — but not quite the same.

And while some of the benefits of meditation and sleep are similar, there are a couple of key differences that Emily explains in the video.

You’ll hear:

  • (1:09) — The differences and similarities between sleep and meditation.
  • (1:26) — Why nature won’t allow you to enter deep sleep quickly.
  • (1:53) — How your body and your mind work together.
  • (2:31) — Why you might think you’ve fallen asleep when you haven’t.

Watch this short 3-minute conversation to see Emily’s favorite interview moment of all time.

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