We don’t usually think that meditation and sex are connected — but meditation can actually transform your love life.

Until recently, people thought of meditation as a solely spiritual practice. Now millions practice meditation but we’re still in the process of discovering the full benefits.

So when the founder of Ziva Meditation, Emily Fletcher, started talking about how meditation can lead to better sex, her students were surprised.

Then their romantic relationships deepened and their sexual pleasure skyrocketed.

Why? Because romance involves so much more than just the physical act.

The brain powers your love life — from your partner choice to your sexual pleasure. And meditation helps you harness that power: one study shows that after women took three meditation sessions, their desire, arousal, and sexual satisfaction increased significantly.

The participants even rated meditation as more helpful than the advice given to them by a gynecologist or sex therapist.

But how does meditation specifically affect romantic relationships and sexual pleasure?

Watch the video to hear Emily explain:

  • (0:21) — How stress affects relationships.
  • (0:40) — How mirror neurons will make your partner think you’re psychic.
  • (0:52) — How your relationships will improve from an “upward spiral of generosity.”
  • (1:21) — How you can take your relationship to the next level.

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