When was the last time you felt like you had nothing to do?

Whether it’s just sitting under a tree, going for stroll in the park, or simply being alone with your thoughts on your daily commute.

These moments, or “gaps” in our lives are becoming increasingly rare.

As our world becomes increasingly more information-saturated, many of us are finding ourselves unconsciously filling up every available minute with our mobile phones, social media, and more. It’s as though we have, in effect, become “information junkies.”

“Everywhere I go I see a planet in a state of overwhelm. We have been swept along with this huge tidal wave of change… We’ve just lost our time, and it’s time to bring back the ‘gaps’ in our day.” — Tom Cronin

In this inspirational video, meditation instructor, Tom Cronin reveals why meditation is the key to bringing the “gap” back in your life, no matter how busy you are, so you can reclaim the bliss, peace, and time you once enjoyed and relished. Tom also busts two of the biggest myths that are stopping most people from enjoying the myriad of benefits of meditation.

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