“In tantra, we don’t believe sex is just about having sex; it’s understanding that sexual energy is this powerful, creative force inside of us, that manifests and creates our entire life.”

Sexual intimacy blocks not only cause dysfunction in our relationships — they affect every area of our lives.

In such a digitally-connected world, it’s almost ironic that we are increasingly more detached and removed from one another, living much of our lives through a TV, computer or mobile screen.

All this online “social” networking can make it hard to connect with others on a more intimate, human level — and according to intimacy and sexuality expert, Psalm Isadora, this is damaging to our lives as a whole.

Instead of taking time to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually open and vulnerable, we often instead suppress and numb our sexual feelings and desires… leading them to then manifest as barriers to connection and understanding.

By removing sexual intimacy blocks, we unblock and allow our sexual energy to flow through — and heal — our whole lives. 

Having overcome traumatic and painful sexual experiences, Psalm now dedicates her life to educating and encouraging a more sexually liberated and attuned society.

And in this short clip, filmed at A-Fest Greece, Psalm shares how prevalent intimacy blocks have become, how they prevent sexual energy from flowing freely, and why we need to overcome them to experience true intimacy.

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Tantra Touch by Psalm Isadora

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