The health of your relationships is one of the most influential factors on your day-to-day happiness. Even people who seem to “have it all,” unless their relationships are in top shape, they will feel a part of their life is unfulfilled.

We cut this part out of Vishen’s Consciousness Engineering training with Arielle Ford because it was such a profound bit of wisdom for anyone in a relationship but especially for those in long-term relationships.

As a speaker and coach on relationships, one of the most common complaints Arielle has heard from long-term couples is that the passion seems to fizzle out.

In this extract, you will learn one of the key exercises she teaches to address this exact problem. It comes from her latest book, Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate.

I urge you to check out the book because it is packed with excellent exercises for maintaining juicy relationships and profound insights into how relationships work

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