You can consciously create an extraordinary love life.

In this amazing 47-minute brain exchange, Jon and Missy Butcher, the founders of Lifebook, share with Vishen how they’ve crafted their great love relationship.

Majority of couples have preset beliefs that their love life will deteriorate with time, but not Jon and Missy. They can’t get enough of one another and it’s because of one fundamental principle in their life. They have committed to invest all of their energy into their relationship.

In this video, Jon and Missy shares with you the secrets to successfully create and sustain a thriving relationship.

  • (2:10) — Discover why this love relationship is so important to both Jon and Missy;
  • (5:00) — Here’s how they start building their unusual models of reality as a couple and how they begin to create this extraordinary relationship;
  • (8:45) — Learn what they have to say about the general fear of divorce that many couples face in their relationship;
  • (12:40) — As individuals, Jon and Missy revel in personal growth. Here, they share how they bring their quest for self-improvement into their relationship;
  • (16:15) — There are dangerous beliefs surrounding love and relationship that persists in society today. Jon and Missy share their rebuttal on these Brules, including a glimpse at the end of the rainbow;
  • (20:00) — So is there such a thing as an unhealthy level of co-dependence? Find out what the happy couple has to say about that;
  • (27:00) — Learn more about the creative strategies you can implement into your love life. An important note, they’ve actually made this mandatory;
  • (40:45) — There’s more to dressing well and maintaining a prime physical state. The extra effort goes a long way in sustaining their unique relationship strategies.

One of the most romantic take away from both Jon and Missy is this little quote here,

“When we look back, this relationship created us more than we created it. There’s a pot of gold when you go all in… and it’s sacred…”

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Would you say you’re living a wonderful love relationship? What are your strategies to taking your love life to the next level? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.