Many people are skeptical about the existence of synchronicity and interconnectedness and how there might be a design on how to attract and increase the magic of synchronicity in your life.

In this short video filmed at A-Fest, Croatia 2015, Jeffrey Allen teaches us how to attract and connect with exactly who you need to help you attract more abundance, more love, more good health, and more happiness in your life.

About Jeffrey Allen

Jeffrey Allen is a spiritual teacher, energy healer, and author of Duality, a course on Mindvalley Academy. An engineer by trade and energy healer at heart, Jeffrey has helped thousands of professionals combine their intellect and intuition to boost confidence, improve relationships, find meaning and purpose, and manifest the life of their dreams.

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Jeffrey is known as “The Healers’ Healer” and has travelled globally — teaching energy work, intuition, and healing on four continents. Through a deep understanding of energy, Jeffrey helps you break through your hidden blocks and create a powerful intuitive awareness, giving you a unique edge in your personal and professional growth.

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