We are the sum of our habits — but some are healthier than others.

When it comes to looking after our own health and wellness, this obviously important category seems to fall to the bottom of our priorities list.

Instead, we are so often caught up in our everyday lives: getting to work, furiously typing on our keyboards, answering calls, and rushing to catch the train home.

When we are moving 24/7, it can feel like we are getting more done — but is this actually true?

When we deny our bodies the chance to rest and recuperate, we often compromise it in other ways — although they may not be quite so obvious.

Our bodies are incredibly complex, powerful machines, but the require the same recharging as any computer or car would. After all, running on empty is sure to catch up to us eventually.

On top of this, when we are working and eating at the same time, we don’t pay attention to what we are actually ingesting and may overeat unhealthy, nutrition-less foods, often as a distraction.

Multitasking is a myth — science has shown that trying to do two things at once only leads to poor performance, and detracts from the power of focus.

This concept especially applies to our eating habits. 

While savoring our food is a joy we should indulge in at every meal, we often forego this moment of gratitude in order to “get stuff done.” Whether it’s finishing an email, getting started on a new project, or simply maintaining your pace of work, it’s easy to neglect the simple pleasure of eating food with friends.

Instead, Cecilia Sardeo, host of Zenward, argues that skipping lunch is the easiest way to gain those extra pounds — and also costs us tons in terms of missed opportunities.

In this video, Cecilia explains how this single habit that makes it far too easy to gain excess weight — when we are least expecting it.

Cecilia also sheds light on the importance of taking time to enjoy the moment, honor our bodies, and make the most of the seemingly simple moments in life.

If you’ve ever found yourself bumping your own health down your list of priorities, this short video may be just what you need to get your health — and your mindset — back in check.

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Do you indulge in this unhealthy habit? Which of your habits could you amend — so you can live a healthier life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.