Our society is often looking for quick fixes to reverse aging — but it can actually be very simple.

Of course, some aspects of aging do fall on our genes, and although we may try, we can’t change these. When it comes to the gene pool, we’ve been taught to accept what we’ve been given, and to make the most of it.

But while we can’t change our genes, we can change the way they are expressed — and the way we age.

What does this mean exactly? While our genes are hard-wired into us, there is some room to move when it comes to how they’re expressed, or appear, physically. The food that we eat, our social connections, and our everyday lifestyle choices all have the ability to modify the way we look — and feel — as we age.

As Dr. Mark Hyman explains in this short video, filmed at A-Fest Greece, a simple interaction with someone around us can change the way our genes are expressed — for better or worse.

As he explains,  the environment we expose our genes to (toxins, light, air, water, community, food) constantly gives input to our body, without us even realizing it. And by simply tweaking or eliminating certain triggers, we’re able to upgrade our health, feel more energized, and look younger for longer (naturally).

This is an incredibly empowering way to look at the world, as we have control over the environmental input the majority of the time, and can modify the way we feel in any given moment.

In this clip, Dr. Mark explains how he healed one man’s seemingly incurable ailments, enabling him to feel young again.

And with simple tweaks to your lifestyle, you’ll also be able to naturally alter the way your genes express themselves — and the way you age.

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