Survival is our core need — and it’s built into our biology.

The very fact that we are alive on this planet now is a testament to our ancestors. One human being is the product of one million pairs of ancestors creating the next generation, and passing down survival instincts that would stand us in good stead.

While this is was clearly crucial to the existence of the human species, there is a mismatch between our vestigial, primal limbic system, and the comfortable lives we’re fortunate enough to live today.

Our biology is not equipped to deal with modern-day temptations — namely, nutrition-less, calorie-dense, sugar-ridden “food.”

Our ancestors would never have walked past available food, let alone sweet, sugary fruit. As they would not know when the next piece of food would be available, each edible item was incredibly valuable and quickly ingested.

Simply to survive, we would consume whatever was around us at the time, as food was a rarity that required physical exertion and strategic thinking.

But while society has changed, our bodies haven’t caught up — and this is cause for concern.

This inbuilt survival instinct is a far-cry from driving to the local supermarket, and being faced with an onslaught of any and every type of consumable good imaginable — and according to WildFit founder Eric Edmeades, it’s this incongruence that is making us ill.

In this powerful snippet from A-Fest Greece, Eric explains how our bodies’ biology, and our innate desire to survive, is at odds with our fast-food society.

Eric has a term for the inbuilt, primal “app” inside of us: the Survival App.

This survival system, while designed for our greater good, hasn’t been updated since the dawn of time — which makes it a little tricky when navigating the 21st century and all its available vices.

The truth is, our bodies are wired for a reality that no longer exists — and in order to stay healthy, we need to compensate for this.

If you’ve ever found it difficult to abstain from unhealthy, sugar-rich foods — even though you know they’re bad for you — Eric’s words of wisdom will resonate with you.

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