“When hope dies, old age runs to meet you.” — Marisa Peer

Our society is obsessed with aging — but it may just be an expectation that we simply live up to.

As we get older, the tainted notion of aging seems to loom above our heads. From movies and TV shows to anecdotes passed down from family and friends, we are conditioned to believe that we will slowly deteriorate with each year.

But what if we don’t have to age — at all?

In fact, what if aging is just an expectation that we live up to… and one that we can willfully reject?

In the short video above, filmed at A-Fest Greece, celebrity hypnotherapist Marisa Peer explains why aging is nothing more than a mental construct — and that we can influence our own neurobiology so that we don’t age in the way that we understand it.

Some highlight from Marisa:

  • Professors at 90 have the same brain neurons as professors at 30, because they simply use their brain all the time.
  • The key to defying age, she mentions, is simple — and anyone can do it today.
  • Scientists have shown that we can boost our immune systems by thinking differently, and the benefits of meditation have been widely researched. Taking this idea further, Marisa argues that these day-to-day practices can permanently and significantly change the way our brains are wired — affecting the rate at which we age (or don’t).

Check out the video to find out more about Marisa’s powerful (and believable) stance on this controversial topic — and start turning back the clock today.

And if this talk resonated with you, check out Marisa Peer’s free course, 5 Days To Unstoppable Self Confidence, to discover the hidden power of your self-image and how to continuously improve your self-esteem throughout the rest of your day-to-day life to stay unstoppable.

What expectations do you have around aging? Do you feel in control of your neurobiology? Share your thoughts in the comments below.