Many of us dream of travelling the world.

Whether it’s to visit exotic locations, experience ancient cultures or to simply go on a vacation that’s off the beaten track, there is a certain romance about the spontaneity of travel and adventure.

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us, our wanderlust often takes a backseat to life’s many other responsibilities — especially things like our family and our career.

But what if we told you it is possible to live a life of travel and adventure without compromising your career and family?

Every year, Jon Butcher, serial entrepreneur and founder of Lifebook, uproots his entire family (which is his wife, four children, and three grandchildren) to live in a completely foreign location like Cairo or Bali, for months at a time.

In this insightful video, Jon reveals how he does this, and the deep richness these adventures can bring into your life.

Here are some key lessons to look out for:

  • Why travel and adventure is so important and how it can be a catalyst for your growth.
  • How technology is allowing more people to travel and continue working (no matter where they are in the world).
  • Why taking all of your vacation days is more beneficial to your career growth than working all year round.
  • Why we need to set adventure as a goal (and the magical consequence of setting the right intentions).

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