Ryan, me and Kadi Oja of Mindvalley

Ryan, me and Kadi Oja of Mindvalley

My friend Ryan Allis is one of the smartest, kindest (and richest) guys I know. He sold his company iContact for $170 million and is now working on some empowering projects to inspire and connect entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and the world.

Ryan also did something pretty brave and interesting recently. He’s put together a MASSIVE slide deck on everything he learned about life, entrepreneurship and the world. He calls it Lessons From My 20s but it’s not just for people in their 20s – it’s fantastic insight for anybody at any stage of life.

It’s practically a book – in an awesome way. Because he pretty much outlined in comprehensive detail how he got himself to where he is today – a 30-year old multimillionaire entrepreneur, CEO of a successful San Francisco startup (Connect) and a McGraw-Hill published author with his book, Zero to One Million.

See, what Ryan has been doing right to be such an accomplished individual, is setting his goals from a very young age.

When you write a goal down your subconscious brain begins to more actively think about bringing into your life the people, resources and knowledge you need to achieve your goals. – Ryan Allis

Go through the slides (there are about 1200 of them so will take you an hour or two, but I strongly, personally recommend it). You may not agree with his methods, but there will be lessons here here that will make you rethink how you create your life.

And don’t forget to let us know what you think. I’m curious 🙂