Meet Jon Butcher. He is NOT an author. He is NOT a personal growth guru.

He is a serial entrepreneur who has discarded all the conventional rules of success set by society…

… And has instead created his own unconventional laws of success, happiness, and fulfillment which has allowed him to craft his life into a living masterpiece.

Over the years, Jon has — among many other feats — defied aging, built an unbelievably beautiful home, redefined love, pursued his passions whole-heartedly, travelled the world and even radically reshaped his children’s education.

In short, he doesn’t live a “happy” life… He lives a legendary life.

But that’s not the only thing that makes Jon unique.

Unlike most billionaires who are not always able to retrace their steps to success to teach you their secret, Jon is consciously brilliant.

He has created an extraordinary formula that he has diligently applied to his life for decades and has since been teaching others to use it to great effect.

His formula is called Lifebook.

Watch this inspiring video to learn about this “accidental personal growth legend,” and how you can discover the Lifebook formula that has helped thousands transform their lives from ordinary to living masterpiece.

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