One of the most frequent questions I get asked is about how I learn more in less time.

As a CEO, educator, and father, I’ve learned how to maximize my learning in the least time possible — by using a simple method leveraging my own knowledge and that of the experts I admire.

I call these “Brain Exchanges.”

I used to attend masterminds and seminars to connect with interesting people, learn skills, and maximize opportunities. But I often found myself walking away with a business card — but not much else.

So instead, I set out to connect with people, and deliberately speak with and work with certain individuals. These would be people where there were complimentary areas of knowledge that we could help each other with.

Following this, I would schedule a Skype call where I got to pick the brain of these experts — and then we would have another call where they could do the same with me.

In this video, I explain:

  • How these brain exchanges have not only helped me expand my life, but have added millions to my business because of the training and sharing of ideas.
  • The three simple rules to get the most out of your brain exchanges, and how this system is essentially what made me start my Consciousness Engineering program.
  • How it took only one hour to absorb valuable information through genuine conversations, instead of 7 hours to read a book.
  • The principles that I used to live up — then apply these concepts to my company, Mindvalley.

If you’re already at a level in your life where you have the connections to these kinds of experts, use this technique to optimize your relationships.

If you want to maximize your success and learning, I encourage you to keep an eye for my upcoming Masterclass on Consciousness Engineering.

This training builds on the concepts of my new book The Code of The Extraordinary Mind, and in it you’ll get a deep dive training session on how you can use Consciousness Engineering to shift the world with your perception and accelerate your personal evolution in all areas of life.ce-banner

Have you ever done a “Brain Exchange?” Does Vishen’s method resonate with you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.