The speech is about “How to Hack Your Past, Present, and Future to Become Unf*ckwithable.”

This is a video from A-Fest Greece that involves unifying ideas from three great teachers: Marisa Peer, Sonia Choquette, and Dave Asprey to allow you to become “Unf*ckwithable.” In this poignant talk, Vishen — with the help of a few of his teachers — explains how he has overcome his own demons, forgiven any pain inflicted on him, and moved beyond his past experiences to live an “Unf*ckwithable” life.

This powerful word describes the ultimate state of being, where you don’t care what others think of you or your life choices — so that you’re able to live a life on your own terms.

And becoming “Unf*ckwithable” doesn’t have to be difficult — which is why Mindvalley founder, Vishen Lakhiani, explains three simple ways to achieve this state today.

Check out this uplifting video and then let us know which techniques you’ve used to become “Unf*ckwithable” in your own life.

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Afest Livecast Replay