“Energy wants to give to the person who has the least.” — Donna Eden

Energy is contagious — so what do you do when you or your romantic partner have low or negative energy?

We all instinctually respond to other people’s energy, but we’re even more likely to absorb the energy of people we care about (like our friends, family, and romantic partners).

And when they’re feeling great, that’s not a problem — you might even receive a helpful energy boost. But you can end up feeling drained or overwhelmed if your partner’s not feeling well.

So how can you strengthen both your and your romantic partner’s energy?

In this 5-minute video, Energy Medicine Master, Donna Eden, shows how even the simple act of holding hands transfers energy between partners.

Watch the video to learn how you can train your body to not give or take energy from your partner. Instead, you’ll learn to endlessly replenish your energy from another source.

You’ll see:

  • (0:08) — A demonstration that shows the powerful effects of energy transference.
  • (1:29) — How you and your partner can gain energy without draining each other.
  • (3:44) — The amazing “up against the wall” exercise that will increase your positive energy, decrease negative energy and strengthen communication with your partner.

You don’t have to be a gifted healer to start using energy medicine to restore your relationships and to keep you and your partner healthy.

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