Have you ever wondered why someone would put their hand up to their forehead?

You’ll notice this tends to happen when they’re reacting to a stressful situation. Could there be more to this reaction?

In this 7-minute video, Master Energy Medicine Practitioner, Donna Eden, shares the real reason why we have this habit ingrained in our DNA, and a simple technique to relieve ourselves from over-reacting to stresses. 

You’ll learn that:

  • (0:10) — Illnesses are stress related because there’s an instantaneous reaction our mind and body has when we think about stress.
  • (1:55) — There’s a reason our ancestors implanted our hand-to-forehead reaction when we’re under pressure.
  • (2:42) — Our body automatically prepares for stress in either fight or flight mode, but you can calm your emotions and tensions with your hands. Donna breaks it down for you here.
  • (6:25) — A simple method to help you train your body and mind to become more resilient towards external and internal pressures.  

Drawing your energy from within is more than enough to relieve your mental health from over-reacting to stresses.

And that’s one of many examples how energy medicine can help us relieve stress and add life to our everyday. Let’s thank our ancestors for giving us the instinctive response to help ourselves.

Curious to learn more ancient habits that could help you with your health? You don’t have to be a gifted healer to use energy medicine.

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