Does your path to financial freedom always seem blocked?

Having negative, fearful thoughts about success?

Feeling frustrated by an inability to create and maintain abundance?

If so, your root chakra may be crying out for attention.

The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is associated with feelings of security, stability, safety, survival issues (such as money and food), and new beginnings. This is our connection to prosperity, wealth and feeling financially secure through the physical world.

Your root chakra sends you messages that say, “Hey! Those limiting thoughts and beliefs are preventing you from living your full potential.”, or, “True abundance can be yours, just unblock me.”, and, “Down here, in your sacral area… How about some love?”

Are you listening, or ignoring its pleas? You are meant to live abundantly, no matter what your self-limiting beliefs say.

Nourishing your root chakra will attract prosperous energies, people, and situations. You will easily manifest success, promoting financial stability, assisting with making empowered decisions, and boosting confidence while pursuing goals. Measurable changes can occur when the root chakra is functioning at an optimal level.

These 3 valuable tips for chakra love will send you flying to path of financial freedom:

1. Meditate Focusing On Abundance

Daily meditation can be a simple start to creating the life you desire. Only a few minutes a day are required to get started. Set a timer for 5 minutes.

During this time, practice focusing on abundance, releasing thoughts which no longer serve your highest good. Affirm with nurturing, positive thoughts and loving energy. Think Abundance!

meditation for chakra healing

2. Eat Nourishing (Red) Food

Start living a life of abundance by nurturing your body with chakra-healing foods.

Munch on anything red, such as apples, cherries, peppers, as red is the color associated with the root chakra.

We are connected to the earth’s protective and grounding energies by this chakra when eating sweet potato, carrot, beet or other root vegetables grown in the soil. Planting “roots” of security and stability in your career and life.

red foods fo chakra abundance. Cherries, red peppers, apples.

3. Harmonize Your Root Chakra With Powerful Affirmations

Manifest your dreams into reality, while balancing and harmonizing the root chakra with powerful affirmations.

You want to change the way you think about prosperity and abundance – not as “these aren’t possible for me,” but with the conviction that they are indeed your birthright.

Begin with a calm and concentrated mind, willing to release all fear, worry and negative thoughts. Visualize yourself as radiant, alive and confident, while saying each affirmation, and remember to finish with gratitude.

  • I am safe and secure in my surroundings and the world.
  • I have plentiful abundance.
  • I feel deeply rooted, stable and connected with the earth.
  • Abundance flows easily within me.
  • Prosperity is manifesting through me.
  • I am willing to release all fears and worries.
  • I am balanced, calm and harmonious.
  • I am comfortable with myself.
  • My physical body is powerful, healthy and strong.
  • I am happy having a strong foundation!

Tip: When saying your affirmations, don’t just mumble the words half-heartedly. Put everything you’ve got into it:

Visualization  — Imagine abundance flowing through you. Imagine yourself as calm and harmonious, joyful and grateful. You’re not reading off a shopping list, after all – you’re making a declaration of fact. It’s a matter of believing it strongly enough that your brain takes it as a direct command to create that inner reality.

happy woman with outstretched arms declaring affirmations for chakra abundance

So remember, instead of looking for external sources for your financial woes, look within your root chakra.

Start with balancing and healing  your root chakra, and then be sure that your thoughts and feelings around money don’t actually repel it. If they do, use affirmations to create new neural pathways that focus on abundance!

What other tips do you have for working with your root chakra to elevate abundance? Leave your thoughts and suggestions below. 

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